• Vehicle Decal Application Instructions

Vehicle Decal Application Instructions


Prepare Decal

Use a squeegee or plastic card to firmly rub the surface of the transfer tape to insure that the decal is adhered solidly to the transfer tape.


Surface Preparation

Make sure the surface is clean, smooth, and dry. Use plain water or isopropyl alcohol to clean, not chemicals or cleaners. Apply the decal in a temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

Vehicle decals can be applied to most clean, smooth, & dry surface. Put them on your windows, tile, sealed concrete, glass, smooth metal, etc.  (not recommended for use on interior walls)



Small Decals: Flip the decal over, so the decal is face down, and carefully peel the backing paper away from the decal. The decal cannot be repositioned, so be careful to line it up where you want it. Use a squeegee or plastic card to apply firm pressure over the whole design.

Medium & Large Decals: We recommend applying with 2+ people. Use blue painter's tape to make a hinge at the top, peel the transfer tape up from the bottom, remove the backing paper, and apply the decal from top to bottom. Another option is to make a hinge in the middle and apply the decal one half at a time. (see below)

You can also apply the decal wet to allow for re-positioning during installation. Wet the installation surface as well as the sticky side of the decal with water. Apply the decal, squeegee out the excess water, & then wait several minutes for it to dry.


Transfer Tape Removal

Carefully peel away the transfer tape in a slow and steady corner to corner motion. Peel down towards the decal, not towards yourself. Stop and re-squeegee as necessary. This will leave the decal on your surface.


Vehicle Decal Removal

Vehicle decals can be removed, but not reused. Heat from a heat gun or hair dryer will help loosen the adhesive and speed up removal. Some residue may be left behind and can be removed with isopropyl alcohol or an adhesive remover such as Goo Gone.



Vehicle Decal Application Instructions

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